Thursday, October 8, 2015

Your Furry Brother

Dear Jules,
Chances are that, by the time you are reading this (or maybe by the time it means anything to you), we won't have your brother Puck any more, so I wanted to write about him.  When we first got a corgi, I worried about how he might behave around kids.  I had heard that corgis try to herd children and nip at their ankles, that people have had to give theirs away after having kids...and so I worried about how he would react to you.
Well, Puck has been great.  Other than acting destructively to get our attention (and what little brother doesn't do that??), he's been nothing but gentle to you, allowing you to grab his ears, his tail, sit and watch while he eats his food, and even to ride him.  And you have actually learned how to pet Puck gently, to treat him nicely, but also how to tell him "no."  And you two are great friends and enjoy hanging out together.  Here are the two of you when you were a baby:
...and here are the two of you now, in the middle of a dance party:
Note that the messiness of our house has increased exponentially since a) we now have a four-year old, and b) my mother, who cleaned when you were born, is not staying with us anymore.  No worries, moms--the room looks bad because Julia was home for three days because of flooding.  It usually looks pristine...I swear.
Anyway, you just sit together and play together all of the time.  He's the first thing you ask for in the morning and, at night, when I go through the list of who loves you, "Puck" comes right before "God" (sorry if that's heretical).  Today, you were still home (pneumonia really does take it out of a little person!), but it was finally sunny, the flood waters are drying up, so I decided to go on a little walk with you and Puck.  You wanted to take his leash, so I thought we would give it a try.  Get ready for some serious cuteness:

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