Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Nostalgia

Dear Jules,
One of the great joys of being married to your Daddy is re-discovering Halloween.  I've always been a bit iffy about the holiday, but Daddy takes such unadulterated joy in figuring out constumes, dressing up, the whole shebang.  While most parents, and many dads, don't dress up, yours does, and it's always...epic.  So here's a tour through memory lane of our various Halloweens.

This was one of our earliest Halloweens; I am dressed as Leia and your Dad is dressed as Luke (from Star Wars, but you know that).  

Here is us, in our house now, as KISS, and puck with his devil wings on (he dresses up, too!).  When I was pregnant with you, we dressed up as Mario and Luigi (that's you in my tummy!!).
But we REALLY started to have fun after you came along, Jules.  

Here you are on your very first Halloween, and Nagyi was here visiting, too.  Once you got bigger, we were able to do family costumes:

Here's our (in)famous Mad Max costumes, with you as Master, Daddy as blaster, and me as whoever Tina Turner is in that movie!  
Here, we resuscitated Mario and Luigi, but now we had a little Toad!  
In 2014, you were Cupid, I was Aphrodite, and Daddy was Haphaestos, or Vulcan.  And this year, we were characters from the Despicable Me 2 movie: 
I know that, soon, you'll want to do your own costume and be with your own friends, but I hope you never lose the magic of knowing that we can "dress up," play with our identities, be who we want to be...and not just on Halloween, but always.

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