Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Please Comment!

Dear Jules,
When you read this--when you're older and interested in such things--I really hope that I can also share with you comments from your family and friends.  So if you're reading this blog, please please take a minute to comment!
I will be posting soon, as the Buddy Walk is this upcoming Sunday!!  We will be going, fo' sure, and Grammy and Papa are coming down from Charlotte for the day.  I'm also trying to get some more of our friends to come out.  And you'll be meeting Trent, someone I've only met online but whose mother, Elizabeth, has become my facebook friend.  Trent is only a few months younger than you and also has DS...and looks like such a cutie.  I absolutely cannot wait, and I know I'll have more pictures to share.
In honor of DS awareness month, I'm trying to post every day (ha!).  Well, as often as I can.  And so here's another cute picture of you, hamming it up as always:

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jules,
    You are the first DS child I have had the pleasure of knowing. Your Papa and I are very excited to walk with you this weekend and meet some of your friends.
    Soon you will be walking freely, talking, and I don't know what else- you are getting so mature! Every time Papa and I see you we are so amazed at all your new tricks.
    Mostly, we think about you always and love you and thank you for the sunshine that you bring into our lives.
    Love to our Jules bug,
    Grammy and Papa