Friday, March 11, 2011


This is an older picture, but I gave Julia a bath this morning, and I can't take a picture and give a bath at the same time! She loves it and is just amazed by the water and the splashing she can do (albeit in a small space--she has this thing called a puj tub that fits in the sink). Today, she realized that there is a mirror above the sink, and--I think--that the person she sees is herself. She was amazed and kept making "o" shapes with her little mouth.

I'm just grateful that one of my "children" likes taking a bath. Or dog, Puck, just dreads it, so much so that I take him to the store where I can leash him while the bath is in progress. At first, he sits paralyzed, wide eyes looking up at me in disbelief. Then, he gets angry, and the shaking of water begins, accompanied by frenzied attempts to jump out of the tub. Afterwards, drying him off is quite a challege as he attempts to squirm away from me and escape...and then he leaves wet paw prints all over the store. Even though I pay them $10 for the privilege of bathing my dog--or, rather, the privilege of having his fur clog up their drains, not mine--I end up apologizing profusely for the mess he has made. So far, Julia has neither tried to jump out nor made a mess, and it's much quicker and more pleasant. So bathtime has been redeemed in the Rogers household.
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  1. So sweet! I still have a hard time getting mine out of the tub :) It is a good time to soothe and restore mom and baby!